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Weld Pins

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Weld Pins

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Huihao weld pins Types

Cupped Head Pins ★ Powerbase weld pins ★ CD Weld pins ★ Bi-metallic Pins

termspecification details
Weld Pins(图1)

powerbase weld pins

pin material:MS &SS

(Anneading treatment)

pin length:30mm-203mm

base type:powerbase

pin diameter:12ga, 3mm, 10ga

surface treatment: zinc& copper plated

widly used for shipping building industry

Weld Pins(图2)

CD weld pins

material: SS,MS,ALU

(ss&ms wire must be annealed)

Pin diameter:12ga, 3mm, 10ga

pin length:30mm-300mm

base type: CD type

surface treatment;zinc&copper plated

widly used for shipping building industry

Weld Pins(图3)

Bi-metallic Pins

pin material:SS&ALU5053

Base material: Alu5053

pin length:15mm-500mm

pin diameter:12ga, 3mm

base size:M6, M8

Surface treatment: polish

widly used for shipping building industry

Weld Pins(图4)

cupped head pins

also named duct pins &quilting pins

pin diameter:14ga, 12ga, 3mm,10ga

common pin length:25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63.5mm

base size:25mm, 30mm, 35mm

material: ms &ss

surface treatment: zinc& copper coated

widly used for air duct system,rock wool for felt one-side aluminum foil 

Weld Pins(图5)

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