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Glass Laminated Mesh

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Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

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Glass Laminated Mesh Patterns Details As Follows:

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图1)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图2)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图3)

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material: ss& PE wire

wire diameter:0.2mm

mesh thickness:0.5mm

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material:colored ss wire

wire diameter:0.18mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh


wire diameter:0.5mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图4)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图5)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图6)

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material: colored ss wire

wire diameter:0.2mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material: brass wire

wire diameter:0.15mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material:ss&PE wire

wire diameter:0.12mm

mesh thickness:0.3mm

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图7)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图8)Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图9)

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material: gold colored ss wire

wire diameter:0.25mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material: stainless steel wire

wire mesh:0.4mm&0.25mm


Glass Laminated Metal Mesh

material:red colored ss wire

wire diameter:0.26mm


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Applications of Glass Laminated mesh

Glass Laminated Metal Mesh(图10)

• Space divider.
• Wall decoration.
• Ceiling decoration.
• Window curtain.
• Handrail balustrade.
• Elevator cab mesh
• Facade cladding.
• Glass laminated wire.
• Sunshade screen.
• Security door.
• elevator cabins screen.
• Floor covering fabrics
• Wire mesh facades.
• Shade screens.
• Architecture ceilings.
• Metal draperies for walls.
• Partition and isolation screens.
• Staircases isolation screen.

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