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Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh

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Huihao frame design- Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh

We design and manufacture borders according to the installation environment and requirements of customers.

Common material included stainless steel, steel and aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: PVD,PVDF, Spraying coated colors

Features Of Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh

★ Undertake custom decorative metal partition

★ Customized surface color processing, retro style, European and American style and modern style

★ Customized processing of pattern, die decides pattern, exquisite and beautiful, tolerance range -+2mm

★ Flat mesh, no burr, no distortion

★ Solid, waterproof, rust-proof and oxidation-proof

★ Widely applied,Hotel, exhibition hall, restaurant, concert hall, shopping mall, coffee shop, etc.

Specification of Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh

frame typeframe sizematerial thicknessmax widthmax height
lock  U frame type20mmx40mm2mm2000mm4000mm
lock U frame type30mmx40mm2mm2000mm4000mm

Image details of Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh

Partition & Isolation Screens Wire Mesh(图1)

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